Enduring and Overcoming the Trials and Temptations of Singleness

Singleness is not a gift, but rather it is a series of trials that God calls all men and women to face and overcome unless they have the rare gift of celibacy.  In this 7-part podcast series, I teach single men and women biblically based techniques that can help them endure the trials of loneliness, lovelessness, childlessness, unmet sexual desire and courtship using biblically based techniques.  I also teach singles how to escape the temptations that happen during many of these trials.

Many Christian singles see their sexuality as a burden to bear until they are married because of the teaching in traditional Christian circles that “Your sexuality is reserved for your spouse in marriage”. 

But this teaching is unbiblical.

Unfortunately, church teachers for centuries have conflated human sexuality with lust because of false doctrines the early church fathers taught about sex.  And some of those wrong beliefs are still very present in the teachings of traditional Christians today.

It is absolutely true that the Bible teaches that sexual relations are reserved for marriage. That means all forms of sexual connection between people whether they be virtual or physical are reserved for marriage.  

But our sexuality itself is NOT reserved for marriage.

The Bible shows that our sexuality is a gift from God both before marriage and then in marriage.  How is our sexuality a gift before marriage? The answer is because it drives us toward marriage.  If we had no sexual desire before marriage – we would not seek marriage!

Our God given sexuality is what drives us to desire sexual relations.  It is what causes a man to experience a dopamine rush when he sees a beautiful woman.  And it is what causes a woman to experience a dopamine rush when she notices a man looking at her.

When a young man or young woman has a dream about sex while they sleep or they have thoughts about sex while they are awake – all of this is part of God’s design of sexuality in us.

So, the million-dollar question is this.  How can a single man or woman process all these dreams, thoughts and sensations that come from their God given sexuality before marriage? This is just one of many questions I answer for singles in my new 7-part podcast series.

In my new 7-part podcast series entitled “Enduring and Overcoming the Trials and Temptations of Singleness”, I teach Christian single men and women how they can endure these five trials:




Unmet Sexual Desire


In this new podcast series, I also teach Christian singles how to escape the temptations of hopelessness, purposelessness, enviousness, bitterness and lust which often accompany the various trials of singleness.

To Listen to this new series click on the link below to go to my podcast site.

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I am a Christian husband and father in his 40's. The goal of my blog is to help educate people on the distinct ways God has designed men and women and his special purposes for each gender.

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