The Candace Cameron Bure Boob Incident

Last week when celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary, Candace Cameron Bure, with her husband’s approval, posted what was meant to be a fun and light hearted picture of her husband cupping her fully clothed breast.  And right after she posted it, the Christian modesty mob came for her.  The sight of a married man cuppingContinue reading “The Candace Cameron Bure Boob Incident”

Is It Wrong For Women To Dress In Sexually Arousing Ways?

95 percent of Christians you asked this question to would say “Yes”. But the answer Biblically speaking might surprise you. All of us enter adulthood with a set of presuppositions based on how our parents raised us, how our culture influenced us, what our church taught us and of course own life experiences. Most peopleContinue reading “Is It Wrong For Women To Dress In Sexually Arousing Ways?”

Why would God make men with polygynous natures when they cannot act on them?

“I’ve been thinking about this, and I have to wonder if God ever really intended for polygyny to be widespread or many men to have strongly polygynous designs. If He did, then one has to ask why he didn’t design us so that women conceive girls at least twice as often as boys. It seemsContinue reading “Why would God make men with polygynous natures when they cannot act on them?”

The 20 Actions of the Sexually Intelligent Wife

To all you engaged women, newlywed wives or women that have been married for many years. If you will just follow some simple principles, and accept some simple truths about men, I promise that in 99% of cases the passion in your marriage will never die. I believe as Christians we must speak bluntly aboutContinue reading “The 20 Actions of the Sexually Intelligent Wife”

Why Christian Wives Should “fake it”

“Should I fake having sexual pleasure with my husband?” This is a question a lot of Christian wives ask. Some may frame the question in a way that seems to force an answer. They might say “Isn’t ‘faking it’ a form of lying and God never wants us to lie right?”   This is kind ofContinue reading “Why Christian Wives Should “fake it””

The Benefits of Being a Sexually Obedient Wife

“I’ve witnessed such an unexpected difference in my husband & I would like to know if you think it’s related to my new attitude regarding sexual obedience. The short story is: my husband has become so ambitious at work (and in life generally). He’s gotten a promotion. But, the biggest change is he’s always wantedContinue reading “The Benefits of Being a Sexually Obedient Wife”

How the Church Made Sex “Dirty”

For centuries, many Church leaders and scholars have seen sex as dirty and a necessary evil.  When it was encouraged it was encouraged only for its procreative value and not for the purposes of pleasure.  Once a man’s wife was pregnant there would be no procreative value to sex so the couple should not engageContinue reading “How the Church Made Sex “Dirty””

Why Polygamy Is Allowed And Even Blessed By God – Part 5

Positive Benefits of Polygynous Marriages Polygyny emphasizes the Biblical teaching that woman was made for man and not that man and woman are equal in marriage.  It is practically impossible to mistake who was made for whom in a polygynous marriage.  The wives don’t sit around and wonder if they are equal to their husband,Continue reading “Why Polygamy Is Allowed And Even Blessed By God – Part 5”

Why Polygamy Is Allowed And Even Blessed By God – Part 4

Christian arguments FOR the practice of Polygamy The Bible regulates polygyny One of the greatest arguments against MO advocates comes from the fact that the Bible regulates polygyny. Before I even show the passages that regulate polygyny MO advocates will argue that the Bible also regulates slavery and we all know that is wrong andContinue reading “Why Polygamy Is Allowed And Even Blessed By God – Part 4”