Why Polygamy Is Allowed And Even Blessed By God – Part 1

Popular opinion is not always right According to a Gallup poll taken in May of 2013, 83% of Americans believed polygamy was immoral while only 14% believed it was morally acceptable. In this same survey, gay or lesbian relations shot from being 40% acceptable in 2001 to being accepted as a moral lifestyle by 59%Continue reading “Why Polygamy Is Allowed And Even Blessed By God – Part 1”

Are Marriage Licenses Required in the Bible?

Does the local, state or federal government have the right to regulate marriage through marriage licenses or other laws regarding marriage? And the larger question is who did God give authority over marriage to? A lot of Christians mistakenly think that God has given civil government nearly unlimited authority.  Most Christians think unless the governmentContinue reading “Are Marriage Licenses Required in the Bible?”

The Difference Between Premarital Sex and Pre-wedding Sex

I know you might be scratching your head right now asking “Isn’t premarital sex and pre-wedding sex the same thing?” But Biblically speaking the answer is no, they are not the same.  These are two separate and distinct things. This topic is crucial for young Christian couples who are dating or engaged to consider inContinue reading “The Difference Between Premarital Sex and Pre-wedding Sex”

Does Sex Make People Married in Gods Eyes?

Some Christians have tried to argue that there is no such thing as “premarital sex” because they believe the act of sex automatically makes a couple married.  They reason based on this logic that the Bible does not condemn something that is impossible to happen. But the Bible does not support this notion. We willContinue reading “Does Sex Make People Married in Gods Eyes?”

Why God Wants A Woman to Seduce Her Husband

Most Christian wives today are taught that their husbands must earn sex with them by romancing them. What if the Bible taught the opposite? What if wives were required to seduce their husbands? I know it sounds crazy. The Bible couldn’t possibly tell women they need to seduce their husbands, right? Well if you giveContinue reading “Why God Wants A Woman to Seduce Her Husband”

A Biblical Guide to Seducing Your Husband

For a woman, the difference between “slutty” and “sexy” is one word – Marriage. Proverbs 5:19 tells husbands to be ravished with their wife’s love. For a man to be ravished he must be seduced. I know a lot of Christian women may be not like the use of the word “seduce”.  This word isContinue reading “A Biblical Guide to Seducing Your Husband”