Should Christian Women Get Breast Implants?

First of all, there is no Scriptural command or principle that would forbid a husband from having his wife undergo any cosmetic surgery including having breast implants.

With that said these are the Scriptural principles which should guide a husband’s decision as to whether or not his wife will get breast implants:

Principle # 1 – The wife is to submit to her husband in everything

Ephesians 5:24 teaches that wives are to submit to their husbands in “everything”, and “everything” would include whether or not they get any cosmetic surgery, including breast implants.  In other words, the feminist mantra “my body, my choice” is completely unscriptural.

Principle #2 – A husband should hear his wife’s needs and concerns, but the decision is his.

1 Peter 3:7 commands men to live with their wives “according to knowledge”.  That means a husband must know how his wife operates, how she thinks and he should know her needs as well as concerns.  But a man listening to his wife and knowing her thoughts and concerns is not the same as him being bound to her wishes.  He makes the decision, but he just needs to make sure such a decision is an informed decision.

Principle #3 – A husband should care for the needs of his wife’s body as he does his own

Ephesians 5:28 teaches that men are to show the same care and concern for the health of their wives’ bodies as they do their own.  A husband’s decision to have his wife undergo any cosmetic surgery must take this principle into account.

Principle #4 – A wife’s breasts should satisfy her husband

Proverbs 5:19 teaches that a wife’s breasts, symbolic of her entire body, is to satisfy her husband. A wife should have breast work done which satisfies her husband’s desires. And his desire may or may not align with her desire.  That means if he likes her breasts as they are, then she should leave them as they are.  If she likes her breasts as they are, but he would like a change made, then she is to submit to him in this way as she should in everything.

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I am a Christian husband and father in his 40's. The goal of my blog is to help educate people on the distinct ways God has designed men and women and his special purposes for each gender.

3 thoughts on “Should Christian Women Get Breast Implants?

  1. I have a hard time with this one. We’re not talking about having the hairstyle your husband wants or dressing how he wants or wearing/not wearing make up as he desires. We’re talking major surgery that is not medically necessary.

    I have a hard time seeing how expecting a woman to endure an unnecessary painful surgery so he can “get his jollies” would be loving her like Christ loves the church. After all, he married her with her boobs the way they were.

    However, if she is the one to suggest it, then the husband should have the final say yes or no.


  2. I would submit to breast implant surgery if my husband wanted it. He is the husband and I submit to his needs and requirements of me regardless what they were. I don’t think my views should be taken into account if he wanted the surgery done.


  3. Both in marriage and Christ with the church, the wife/church is being molded by Christ/husband. In the example of breast implants, that truly is a remolding process. I would argue that the same principle applies to many other areas of the wife’s body: whether to use birth control or not and what type, body piercings, the type of food the wife eats. All these have an effect of molding the wife to best fit the husband.


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